My paintings record an interest in the duration between the time when an idea is formed and the moment it is acted upon. There are images lodged in my thoughts that stream towards a point of convergence, where my abilities and inabilities meet, a space between that lodged image and the final rendering of the fleeting moment. This is the space I want my work to inhabit. This duration is present in my paintings, which comprise abstract and figurative elements that interact to create a visual map of an idea or a feeling. The new paintings show an interest in finding a way to visualise time - a representation that is instinctive and abstracted but that hints at the “real” through its vibrant and energetic quality. I’m attempting to hold the residue of the flow of time, trying but failing. Yet, in that failure, there is a concealed potential. For example, by capturing the act of the pouring of an ephemeral substance, I’m solidifying a passing moment. 

Josephine Rowntree

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